Green Camo Grips
Deceitful Strength Monkey Grip Hand Protection directions. How to use. Pull ups, deadlifts, kettebells, barbell.
Monkey Grips crossfit pull up weightlifting gloves. The original lime. Thumb through loop. Weighted vest.

Green Camo Grips

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Hand protection doesn't have to be cumbersome with all the leather, straps, wraps, and tape. We've developed a grip that's SIMPLE in design, FAST to apply and remove, and highly EFFECTIVE against hand calluses and tears!

MONKEY GRIPS are the simplistically innovative and affordable solution for fitness athletes in the fight against hand blisters and rip development!


  • Simple: No uncomfortable velcro, wraps, or tape to deal with or hanging from your wrists.
  • Fast: Quickly slips on and off for fast application and transition from one exercise to the next.
  • Effective: Soft, compressible material is more gentle on the hands than leather, carbon, and tape.
  • Durable: Internal thread matrix increases longevity. Guaranteed to last longer than single-use tape products that are priced similarly.
  • Versatile: Use for all grip-intensive exercises. Ideal for pull ups, deadlifts, muscle ups, kettlebell swings, barbells, and dumbbells.
  • Affordable: Significantly less expensive than single-use products and other grips on the market that cost $45+.
  • Low profile: Sleek and discreet design makes it look like you're nothing. Also, comfortably fits in your pocket when you don't need them.

Customer Reviews

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Best Grips I have Found to prevent Rips & increase Comfort

I love my Monkey Grips. They have great durability when used as directed. (read insert on options to use either on thumb or finger). My hands and fingers do not rip with pull-ups or toes-to-bar. You get a nice grip on the bar. The palms of my hands are more comfortable when using Monkey Grips for deadlifts too. Easy to use, fast to put on and grab the bar. Excellent product, 5-stars!!!!